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Can I make a late application?

Late applications will also be considered. For your application to be considered, it is suggested be sent and postmarked on or before the closing date.

When do I apply if I am not sure about the commence date in China?

The academic year for Chinese educational system has two intakes – one at the start of the lunar calendar year roughly around late February called Spring Semester, and one that commences Sept. 1st called Autumn semester. We wish to have you start around the beginning of each semester, however, our job placements are open all year round. 

What are the criteria for TEFL369 Scholarships?

In assessing applications for scholarships, the TEFL369 selection panel will consider each applicant's qualifications, including knowledge of academics, experience; leadership qualities; community support; and achievements in their life to date.

The application form and guide have detailed information on what's required for application. The form and guide will become available on our website all year round. 

Two-stage selection process
If you are shortlisted, you will be invited to submit a short video presentation related to your teaching and leadership aspirations and your future in general.

A focus on potential

Our selection panel will look for evidence that you are - 

1. engaging with and relating well to children, school students and their families in contemporary contexts, maximizing learning through dynamic and innovative modern practices and using smart digital tools and resources

2. having the potential to make a significant and enduring contribution to student achievement and well being throughout your teaching career.

Can I apply for a scholarship if I am studying part time?

Yes, part-time students can apply for the scholarship.

What is a TEFL369 Scholarship worth?

A TEFL369 Scholarship pays£3,000, cash, tax free, after you complete a 12-month teaching internship. Successful participants will receive free international flights to and from China, independent accommodation (shared with another intern but separate bedroom), meals OR a food stipend£600 per month with potential performance bonus, visa sponsorship, 120-hour TEFL certificate, free mandarin classes, and an internship certificate. 

Please note TEFL369 scholarships are subject to change each year. 

What scholarships are available for 2018?

TEFL369 has a range of scholarship opportunities available for 2018. Scholarships will only be awarded to candidates who present convincing facts that they meet the merit-based criteria.

How do I apply for a TEFL369 Scholarship?

The Application Form will be available to download on our website The Application Form and Guide have detailed information on what's required in your application. Remember, we're here to help. If you have any questions, you can email us on or call us during business hours on +86 532 89652053


Why are TEFL369 scholarships merit-based?

TEFL369 Scholarship’s role is to encourage talented people with the skills, motivation, and love to teach into teacher training, and prepare you as a successful teacher to stay in the teaching profession in the future. TEFL369 Scholarships are designed so we can attract and reward people with the right attributes into teaching as a career.

The merit-based criterion is to help us to attract top-quality candidates into teaching, and support the Chinese government's focus for English education.

13. Why commitment to teaching must be provided, and why does a high GPA to be requested?

A maximum of just 40 UK students are chosen for TEFL369 Scholarship. It means you have our commitment to help you fulfil that potential and make a prominent contribution to the teaching profession in China. Because of the prestige associated with becoming a TEFL369 Scholar winner, only students who are committed to teaching and have demonstrated a high level of academic achievement and success can be eligible.

What should I do if I have further questions about TEFL369 Scholarships?

Remember, we're here to help. If you have any questions, you can email us at or call us during business hours on +86 532 89652053. We can also provide you with general information on how to access other financial support that may be relevant to you.

Are previous Scholarship recipients eligible to apply for a TEFL369 Scholarship?

Yes. The merit-based scholarships are available to students who are in need of the financial benefit of a TEFL369 Scholarship.

Am I eligible to apply for TEFL369 Scholarship?

The Application Form and Guide for TEFL369 scholarship contain detailed information on the eligibility and selection criteria. You're eligible to apply for TEFL369 Scholarship if you're enrolled in your first, second, third or fourth year as an undergraduate. Please note that TEFL369 Scholarships are especially welcome those who are majoring in Early Childhood Education and to people with some teaching qualification.

What do I need to do if I hold an overseas student?

If you are an overseas student studying in a UK university, you must get all your qualifications and documents assessed by the TEFL369 Selection Panel before sending us your application.

What documents do I need to provide with my application?

To help confirm your eligibility you'll need to provide the following:
1、proof of name and date of birth (your UK passport OR UK birth certificate OR citizenship)
2、proof of residency status (if applicable: the main ID page in your passport AND the page showing your indefinite UK permanent residency stamp or sticker. )
3、proof of your qualifications or academic results (please note you must provide proof)
4、a copy of your CV (this gives the selection panel a greater understanding of your qualifications and work history).
All your documents must be photocopied and certified. You can ask any one of the following people to certify your documents:
1、School principal/head teacher
2、Registrar of a tertiary provider
3、District Court Registrar or Deputy Registrar
4、Barrister or Solicitor